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By Chris Tobias

Starting the morning under pressure sets the mood for the day, leaving you anxious and tense. Although people know it’s unhelpful to begin the day bogged down by tension, they continue regardless. But they can end the morning feeling terrific with a few simple tweaks. Morning stress comes from many sources. Identifying triggers will help you change and inject positivity into each day. When you are stressed, note what is happening. Maybe you’re anxious because you need to hurry, or you’re worried about things you need to do. Or you may find distractions hard to handle and are disorganized. When you recognize what stresses you, you can make positive lifestyle changes. They might involve altering your morning routine to match your schedule and planning how best to approach the day.

Adapt your schedule
Most people engage in a strict schedule in the morning. If completing one task takes longer than expected, they have insufficient time for another. Poor time management creates frustration and stress. Steal back lost time in the morning by doing as many tasks as possible in the evenings. Make packed lunches for the next day before you go to bed, for instance, and lay out your work clothes in advance. Gather anything you need to take when you leave the house in the morning, too.

Create less stress
If stressful chores need doing before work, carry them out differently. Rather than dashing to the shop, order online and opt for home deliveries. If morning house cleaning stresses you, consider hiring a cleaner for a few hours a week. Family members could do more chores, too, if you delegate. Also, you can put off unimportant tasks when you’re under pressure.

Get organized
One key to a stress-free morning is organization. Identify what you must do at the start of the day, and you won’t dither and waste time. If you face multiple tasks, list priorities before you begin them.

Enjoy me-time
Get up 15 minutes earlier than usual and enjoy some precious time with yourself. You’ll have time to gather your wits, meditate, journal about your feelings, or take longer in the shower. Your morning mindset creates ripples that infect the hours to follow, and a few minutes more first thing could be all you need to instill calm. Your mornings will be stress-free if you rise earlier and plan what you need to do. Use time well and create calmness rather than getting strung out and frazzled.

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