Why a Medical Alert System Is a Great Idea for Your Senior Loved One

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Senior citizens are more prone to falls than any other age group. This is true because seniors often suffer from arthritis, balance and gait issues, and several other conditions that increase their susceptibility to falling. Whenever a senior does fall, they’re also more apt to be severely injured due to fragility, and many are unable to get up without assistance. This could quickly escalate and become a medical emergency, which is why a medical alert system is a great idea. Here is an overview of medical alert systems and how they can be beneficial.

What Is a Medical Alert System?

A medical alert system is a device that seniors and other vulnerable populations use in case an emergency occurs and they’re alone. This system is connected directly to emergency services and is often worn around the neck, so if and when an emergency happens, it’s within easy reach. 

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

There are numerous benefits of medical alert systems. Here are just some of them:

Enables seniors to live independently – Nothing is more depressing to a senior than being forced to give up their independence. By opting for a medical alert system, seniors can remain safe and independent.

Less worry for loved ones – Knowing that their senior loved one has immediate access to emergency services should an accident occur can prevent them from worrying when they can’t be around.

Can be life-saving – Again, since many seniors are fragile and more likely to be unable to get up after a fall or an accident, having a medical alert system can prevent a fallen senior from lying there for hours or even days and possibly dying. 

Medical alert systems have saved numerous lives, and if you have a senior in your life or you’re a senior yourself, you may want to consider investing in one of these potentially life-saving devices. There are many companies to choose from, and some easy research can send you in the right direction. 
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